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Introducing Viva Health: Pioneering AI-Enhanced Dental Care

I am excited to announce the launch of Viva Health, a groundbreaking venture founded by myself and my close friends Elaheh and Avi. While our services are not yet available, we are on a mission to redefine dental practice management through advanced AI technology.

At Viva Health, we aim to transform dental practices by tackling the inefficiencies that plague day-to-day operations. Founded by myself, Farid, alongside my long-time friends Elaheh and Avi, we are leveraging our combined expertise in AI and technology entrepreneurship to enhance both the quality of patient care and operational efficiency in dental offices.

The Problem: Dental practices often struggle with administrative burdens and disjointed communication systems. These inefficiencies can lead to increased wait times, patient dissatisfaction, missed appointments, and lost revenue.

Our Solution: Viva Health introduces a suite of AI-enhanced tools designed to streamline communication and automate routine tasks:

  • Centralized Communication: Our platform unifies phone, SMS, and email communications, making it easier for offices to manage patient interactions. Automated appointment reminders and payment requests help reduce no-shows and improve billing cycles.
  • Operational Efficiency: Through AI analytics, we provide insights into staff performance and office workflow, identifying areas for improvement such as reducing call handling times or optimizing patient scheduling.
  • Enhanced Patient Care: The ‘Patient Insight’ feature offers a deep dive into patient treatment histories, enabling personalized and timely medical advice. This ensures higher treatment adherence and patient satisfaction.

Examples of Impact:

  1. Call Analysis for Quality Control: Imagine a dentist wants to ensure the staff provides accurate information on calls. Our AI can analyze these interactions, offering feedback and training suggestions to improve communication quality.
  2. Optimizing Scheduling: If there are gaps in the schedule, our AI can identify patients with outstanding treatments who are likely to book soon. This allows staff to target these individuals specifically, improving treatment completion rates and optimizing the schedule.

Future Developments: As we progress, Viva Health will introduce even more advanced features, such as AI autonomously managing patient inquiries and interactions with insurance companies. This will significantly reduce administrative tasks, allowing dental staff to focus on patient care.

Conclusion: With Viva Health, dental practices will see enhanced operational efficiency and improved patient satisfaction. We’re not just creating tools; we’re crafting a future where dental offices operate more efficiently and patients receive better care.

Stay connected as we bring this vision to life and begin transforming dental care through technology.

Farid Fadaie

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