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Viva AI: Pioneering AI Receptionist, Office Manager, and Practice Optimizer for Dental Offices

Hello everyone,

Today, I’m eager to share some updates from Viva AI, where we continue to learn and grow in our journey to support dental practices with AI-enhanced solutions.

1. Strategic Investment Raised

We are proud to announce a substantial investment received in April from a top innovator in the dental industry. This significant support emphasizes the necessity and potential of our solutions, including the AI Receptionist, Office Manager, and Practice Optimizer, designed specifically for dental offices. This funding will accelerate our product development and expand our reach within the market.

2. Launch of Our New Website

Our newly launched website provides a comprehensive look at how Viva AI’s solutions—our AI Receptionist, Office Manager, and Practice Optimizer—are transforming the daily operations of dental practices. Visit us to see the impact of our technology firsthand: Viva AI’s new website.

3. We’re Hiring

To support our growth, Viva AI is expanding our team. We are seeking talented engineers passionate about leveraging AI to improve healthcare. If you are interested in developing next-generation AI solutions for dental offices, check out the opportunities on our careers page on the new website.

Rooted in Real Experience

Our products are developed from real-world experience. Having managed a chain of dental offices in the Bay Area, I’ve used firsthand knowledge to ensure that our AI solutions seamlessly integrate into dental practices without disruption. Viva AI is more than technology; it’s an essential part of daily operations, designed to enhance efficiency and patient engagement without the common integration hassles found in other systems.

These updates mark a pivotal moment for Viva AI. We remain dedicated to delivering cutting-edge AI Receptionist, Office Manager, and Practice Optimizer solutions that set new standards in dental practice management.

For more detailed insights into our updates and their impact, please read the full post on our company blog: Viva AI blog.

Until next time.

Farid Fadaie

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