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A Journey from MS-DOS to Startups: Why I, Farid Fadaie, am Here Sharing My Story

Hey everyone, Farid Fadaie here. Let me take you back a bit. When I was just 10 years old, I coded my first software application for MS-DOS. It had this neat resident side feature (which, believe me, was all the rage back then) that let users capture screenshots. I even added a demo mode to show off those screenshots with cool effects. My neighborhood library saw some potential in it and decided to buy it. But life has its quirks – on the day I was delivering it, someone swiped my bicycle. So, my very first business venture ended with a net loss. But hey, we live and learn, right?

From there, my love for tech just grew. I built an elevator controller for a local company (all coded in Assembly for the 8051 microcontroller), dabbled in multiple projects, and then launched my first startup, TELTUB. This was a time before iPhones ruled our world, and TELTUB aimed to let users install apps in the cloud for their phone service. My inexperience and I were quite proud when it led to a modest acquisition.

After that, I entered the world of software security. Initially, it was all about researching new vulnerabilities and keeping everyone updated. But as time passed, my role evolved, and I found myself consulting and selling services, diving deep into things like PCI and HIPAA audits.

Then came my stint at Bittorrent. I began in engineering, but the product world beckoned. There, I had the chance to create Bittorrent Bleep—a serverless chat app that was all about private, secure communication. Think of a chat service with no metadata—that was Bleep.

Following that, I founded Soothing Dental and its software counterpart, 2Dental. Think of it as a one-stop solution for running dental offices, from communication to HR and analytics. This journey too had its climax when it got acquired, post which I donned the hat of a Chief Product Officer.

Lately, I’ve been wearing my investor hat, primarily focusing on health startups and occasionally lending a helping hand to other companies.

Life in these companies? Let’s just say if it were a movie, you’d have everything—from edge-of-the-seat excitement to moments that tug at your heartstrings.

So, why this blog? It’s simple. I want to share bits and pieces from my experiences. Whether it’s about engineering (yes, I still code!), crafting products that people genuinely love, or just navigating the roller-coaster world of startups—I’ll be sharing it all here. And every once in a while, I might sprinkle in some personal anecdotes because, well, life’s not all work, right?

Thanks for joining me on this ride. Let’s dive in!

Farid Fadaie

Hey there, my name is Farid Fadaie and I have been living in San Francisco Bay Area since 2011. Over the years, I've worn a few different hats—started off as an engineer, tried my hand at creating a couple of companies (lucky enough to see them get acquired), and eventually ventured into the world of products as a VP and even Chief Product Officer. Through it all, I’ve been on both sides of the table, managing engineering teams and diving deep into product stuff. This little space is where I share some of the things I've picked up along the way. If you find any of it helpful or just want to chat, I'm all ears. Thanks for dropping by!